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Name 3 ways to end a running task or program?
Right-click Taskbar Button
What does the term " Shareware" mean?
Software that you can try our before purchasing.
Describe, in your own words what Adding a Program means.
Install application onto puters hard drive.
What is the setup.exe file used for?
It is the file that begins as an installation process.
Name 2 steps an Installer might use during a typical installation?
Notify you that you are about to install a specific application.
Ask you to read and accept the licence agreement.
Where is the Program Files Folder located on the computer, and what is it used for?
Drive C:
its used to default folder for all installed programs and their files.
If you want a program to start each time you start Windows, which folder do you place the program's shortcut icon in?
Start-up folder
What happens when you double-click a file in the Windows Explorer Contents pane?
Opens the program associated with the file type.
Which Windows XP tool allows you to install or unistall a program?
Add or Remove Program Tool