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Experiments vs Obsevational Studies
1. Except randomization both experiments and observations have the three principles of a good statistic in them. Observational studies lack randomization
Benefits of incorporating the three priniples
1.Eliminate bias or confounding
2.Easy to determine if statistically significant or not.
Three Problems of experiments
1. Hidden Bias
2. Placebo effect
3. Lack of realism
Hidden Bias
bias due to the fact that all individuals are not reated similarly after treatment is applied
Solution to hidden bias
treat individuals the same
Placebo effect
1.Positive response on the placebo due to confidence of subjects on the statistician (person doing the experiment)
2. it causes hidden bias
Double Blind Experiment
neither the subject nor the person doing the experiment knows who recieves the active treatment.
note: this is a solution to the placebo effect
Lack of Realism
when the subject, treatment or setting does not duplicate conditions that we want to study.
Solution to lack of realism
1. apply statistical principles as much as possible
2. report study limitations honestly
3. use good judgement