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List four popular motherboard form factors for modern desktop PCs.
Baby AT
Which is more powerful, the Pentium Pro or Xeon processor?
The Xeon series of processors began with the Pentium II line and are thus more powerful than the Pentium Pro Processor.
You open your PC and look at the CPU. How can you tell if it uses active or passive cooling?
If there's just a heat sink on the CPU, it uses passive cooling. If there's a fan attached to the CPU, it uses active cooling.
Which of the following processors have 64-bit internal buses?

Pentium 4D
AMD Althlon
Pentium III Xeon
Except for the Pentium III Xeon, all of these CPUs have 64-bit internal buses. All of them have 64-bit data buses.
What processor or processors use the Socket 5 socket?
The Pentium(original) CPU
Which L# cache is typically inplemented on the CPU?
L1 cache is part of the CPU or cor chipset.
Name CPU that used PGA package.
The Intel 80286,80386, and 80486 CPUs used the PGA package.
What is the purpose of the Northebridge chip?
The Northbridge controls interactions among the CPU,memory,AGP video control circuitry,and the Southbridge chip. The Southbridge chip controls bus interactions and devices, such as the floppy drive controller and serial,parallel,keyboard,and mouse ports.
How do the PGA and SPGA packages differ?
The SPGA features staggered pins to fit more pins in a given area.
Name at least on processor that uses the SECC (Single Edge Contact Cartridge)package.
The Pentium II, Pentium II Xeon, and Pentium III Xeon processors all use the SECC package.
The Pentium 4 processor uses what package or packages?
Depending on the exact model, the Pentium 4 processor uses the Socket 423, Socket 478, or LGA775 socket.
Can you simply turn a desktop PC on its side to creat a tower configuration PC?
No! You shouldnt do so. The components in a tower case, such as disk drives, are mounted so that they operate correctly in the case's upright position. Such components would end up sideways in a destop case turned on its side.
What Intel CPU was the first to include an integrated level 1 cache?
The Pentium Pro included between 128 and 256 KB of level 1 cache.
Is clock speed the primary indication of a CPU's overall speed? If not, why not?
No, clock speed is just on of many factors that indicate the overall speed of a CPU. CPUs use various techniques to execute various numbers of instructions per clock cycle.
Which moterboard form factor is most likely tobe found in a modern desktop computer?
The ATX form factor is the most common desktop motherboard form factor currently.
The execution unit is for_____________.
processing instructions and data.
A motherboard has a slot 2 CPU slot. What CPUs could be installed?
A Pentium II or Pentium II Xeon.
When referring to a CPU, what does the term bus typically refer to?
The width of the data bus
What Intel CPU was the first to include an integrated floating poin unit?
The 80386DX
What's the theoretical maximum memory addressable by the Pentium 3 processsor?
Voltage Regulator Modulator
it makes sure the CPU gets the right amount of voltages.
This was the first processor that AMD made that was all their own design.
speed range sim to Pentiums
level 1 cache
Buit in level 2 cache(first)
Socket 8(only one to use)
this CPU wasn't used to much but the arkatexture and pipelines & everything that was a function is used in processors today
Pentium II
First slotted CPU
Upgraded Pentium
Built in L2 cache(slotted to do it as cheeply as posible)
SEC(single edge cartridge) in a slot 2
100 MHz external speed
1GHz internal speed
L1 cache
L2 cache
SEP in a slot A
Pentium III
100-133MHz External Speed
450MHz-1.26GHz Internal Speed
(first intel chip to break the GHz barrier)
Multiplier range x4.5-x10
L1 cache 32KB
L2 cache 256/512(2 different types of Pentium)
Package:Started w/ SEC ended w/PGA
Slot: Slot 1 and Socket 370