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altercation (n)
a noisy quarrel

altercate (v)
Altruism (n)
concern 4 the welfare of others; unselfishness

altruistic (adj)
Ephemeral (adj)
lasting for a short time; transitory; not everlasting

ephemera (
Epitaph (n)
an inscription on a tombstone in memory of the person buried there; a brief summary of the dead one's life.
Epitome (n)
a typical representation of something; a person who embodies a quality

epitomize (v)
Eponymous (adj)
referring to name of a person, a mythical being, or a literary figure associated w/something or to a word incorporating the name of such person.

Earl of Sandwich

Eponym (n) Eponymy (n)
Paradigm (n)
an ex.serving to illustrate a point/pattern/concept.
Paradox (n)
a statement tht seems contradictory but contains a truth of valid deduction.
Paragon (n)
a model of excellence or perfection.
Parameter (n)
In math:-a constant tht has variable values and is used to determine other variables

a factor tht determines a range of variation; a boundary

Parametric (adj)
Peripatetic (adj)
walking or traveling about.
Peripheral (adj)
relating to the boundaries of an area

Of minor importance

Periphey (n)
Anathema (n)
a person or thing detested and shunned.

a curse; esp a formal church ban or excommunication

anathematize (v) anathematic (adj)
Antithesis (n)
an exact opposite: a complete contrast

a rehtorical form juxtaposing, contrasting ideas, often in parallel structure.
Epithet (n)
a word or phrase used (+)(-)that characterizes or describes a person or a thing, added to or placing a name.