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the killing of many people; massacre
carnage N
dead and decaying flesh
-pertaining to dead flesh
carrion, N or ADJ
embodied in human form
incarnate, ADJ
any honor award, or expression of aproval
-ceremonial tap on the shoulder with the flat side of a sword
accolade, N
a low neckline on a garment or a garment with a low neckline
decolletage, N
relating to or having an effect on the human body
corporal, ADJ
characteristic of or resembling the physical body
-having material substance; able to be seen
corporeal, ADJ
a military organization of officer or of officer and enlistees
-an army unit
-a group of people having purpose and direction in common
corps, N
excessively bulky; fat
corpulent, ADJ
a body or collection of writings
-a structure of special character in an animal body
corpus, N
harmony; agreement
-to grant or bestow upon
-to agree
accord, N, V
hearty; warm; sincere
a state of agreement; harmony
-an alphabeticl indix of all the words in a text or corpus of texts, showing every occurrence of a word
concordance; N
to turn into bone; to become bony
-to become rigid
ossify, V