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Properties of Standard Normal Distribution
1.Bell Shaped
2.Symmetric around 0 (i.e mu=0) or sigma=1 always
4.Total area is 1 or 100%
5.Values are denoted by z's or z-score
6.Has table with area under the curve to the left of a z-score
Other imp points
1.68-95-99.7 rule only gives us area within 3 of mean but the Std.Norm table gives us an unlimited amount of values.
2.Purpose:use table to find area under any normal curve
3.area under curve=proportion(probability) of observations under the curve.
Table enntry for z is the area under the std.normal curve to the left of z.
Table Components
1.The left column has ones and tenTHS digits of the -score
2. The heading at the top has hundreTHS digits of z score
3. Area (probability) left of a z-score is in the body of the table
Two ways to use Std.Normal Table
Use 1: Given z find area
Use 2: Given area find z
Three Types of find area problems
1.Area to left of z
2. Area to the right of z
3.Area b/w to z's
If z score is three of more decimal places
If so then we either round or we then use a calculator or a software package
Z scores tell % of values under the curve and u can find that by multiplying by 100 a z-score.