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Ineptness (in EPT nes)
Def: lack of competence or judgment
Syn: gauche, maladroit
Ant: expertise
The evidence of his ineptness as a lawyer is his win-loss record.
Der: inept, ineptly, ineptitude
Ingrate (IN grate)
Def: an ungrateful person
Ant: grateful person
I was stunned when I didn’t even receive a “thank you” from the ingrate.
Der: ingrateful
Inundate (IN un date)
Def: to flood, to overflow
Ant: to drain
The TV station was inundated with phone calls when the baseball game was interrupted.
Der: inundable, inundated, inundation, inundator, inundatory
Miser (MY zur)
Def: one who lives in wretched circumstances to save and hoard money
Syn: niggard, skinflint, tightwad, pinchpenny
Ant: one who spends money easily
The old miser lived in a shack but was actually a millionaire.
Nefarious (neh FARE ee us)
Def: extremely wicked, evil, vicious
Syn: degenerate, iniquitous, villainous
Ant: righteous
Hitler’s treatment of Jewish people was a sign that he was a very nefarious person.
Der: nefariously, nefariousness
Prattle (PRAT ul)
Def: meaningless sounds, babble
Ant: articulate language
I have difficulty understanding the prattle of young children.
Der: prattled, prattling, prattlement, pattler, prattingly
Predilection (pred uh LEK shun)
Def: preference
Ant: dislike; disinclination
He has a predilection for fish when he goes out to eat.
Der: predilect, predilected
Procrastinate (pro KRAS tuh nate)
Def: to defer action; to delay
Syn: prolong; postpone
We try not to procrastinate when asked to do a job.
Der: procrastinated; procrastinating; procrastinatingly; procrastination; procrastinative
Stoic (STOW ik)
Def: a stoical person; not showing passion or feeling; indifference; impassive
Syn: apathetic, phlegmatic, stolid
Ant: impassioned, ardent
The umpire remained quite stoic despite the managers screaming and the intense booing of the crowd.
Der: stoical, stoically, stoicism
Suffrage (SUF rij)
Def: right to vote
Ant: lack of franchise
Woman’s suffrage was a movement and a cause at the beginning of the 20th century.
Der: suffragette, suffragettism, suffragism, suffragist