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2. A line, or lines, of content in the top margin area of a page in a document, that typically contain elements such as the title, page number, or name of the author.
Click and Type
12. A view of a document as it will appear in a Web browser. In this view, a document appears as one long page (without page breaks), and text and tables wrap to fit the window.
Web Layout view
The writing, editing, and formatting of documents in a program designed for working primarily with text.
Word wrap
A storage area shared by all Office programs where cut or copied items are stored.
Navigation task pane
17. Formatting that controls the appearance of a paragraph. Examples include indentation, alignment, line spacing, and pagination.
Line brake
18. A keyboard character that can be used to represent one or many characters when conducting a search. The question mark (?) represents a single character, and the asterisk (*) represents one or more characters.
Wildcard Character
20. A task pane that displays an outline of a document’s headings, or thumbnails of a document’s pages, and allows you to jump to a heading or page in the document by clicking it. Also provides content search capabilities.
Building Block
21. This view shows text formatting but simplifies the layout of the page so that you can type and edit quickly.
Outline view
22. Which of the following key combinations increase the font size in a Word 2010 document
31. What type of software creates, edits, and produces text documents on a computer?
Word Processing Software
34. The ______ tab contains commands related to proofreading documents, working in other languages, and protecting documents.
36. A pre-defined selection of styles that can be found in the Styles group.
Quick Styles
37. When formatting documents and making decisions about style or theme –
Less is more; use color and style changes sparingly for emphasis
39. The default font for Word 2010 is -
Calibri, 11 pt.
40. Size, Style, Effect, Color, Character are -
Font Attributes you can easily change.
41. Appears when you point to selected text
Mini Toolbar
43. Which short cut will take you to the top of the document?
Control + Home
44. Which of the following is not a way of opening an existing document?
Control + O
45. The navigation pane has a list of:
Places to search
48. The way you toggle between insert and overtype mode is by clicking this key.
Num lock
50. The file format that saves some formatting such as underline and bold is: