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Protected him for seventeen years:
Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan.
Why was he such a threat to society?
He questioned the ideas ("rules") of the Church.
What fields did he study?
Engineering, biology, sculpture, linguistics, botany, music, philosophy, architechture, and science.
Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci's:
horizontal waterwheel, screw threads, groundwork for cartography, transmission gears, hydraulic jacks, swiveling devices, and plans for cannons, guided missles, armoured tanks, the flying machine, and the parachute.
In what form did he leave his records?
In mirror scripted notes.
What did many contemporaries believe about Leonardo da Vinci?
That he would go to hell.
How did Pope Leon X feel about Leonardo da Vinci?
That he was sacreligious because he challeneged Church ideas ("rules") too much.
Who rescued him in 1513?
King Francis I, the current king of France.