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In allergic contact dermatitis, it takes _______ days for the immune cells to recognized the irritation.
2-3 days
_______ is the most common eruption of the eyelids.
contact dermatitis
what is the difference b/t contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis.
Contact comes from chemicals directly damaging the skin, allergic CD results from a SPECIFIC SENSITIVITY.
_____ is the key diagnosis of contact dermatitis.
If a patient is allergic to neomycin, assume they are also allergic to _____.
gentamycin, tobramycin (aminoglycoside related antibiotics)
If allergic to neomycin--you should avoid both ___ and ___ related antibiotics.
systemic and topical
When is there an increased risk for being allergic to neomycin? (not when used on cuts)
when treating stasis dermatitis, otitis externa or stopic dermatitis(more prone to getting contact dermatitis)
What are 3 differential diagnoses for contact dermatitis?
1- atopic dermatitis
2- psoriasis
3- seborrheic dermatitis
What is the treatment plan for contact dermatitis?
1- avoidance
2- topical steriods
3- cool compresses

(alternative: immunomodulators)
What is patch testing?
a standard allergen panel of 52 allergens and a corticosteriod series
____ is a chronic inflammatory dermatitis where 75% of people show signs early in life. &0% also have asthma, hayfever or atopic dermatitis.
Keratoconjunctivitis (aka atopic dermatitis)
In atopic dermatitis: in the babies (2-24 months) the lesions are _______.
exudative, blisters, crusty
In atopic dermatitis: in older children and adults the lesions are ______
lichenification and on flexural areas (periorbital)
What is a characteristic sign of atopic dermatitis?
double lid fold (lower lid??) Dennie-morgan
What is the main treatment for atopic dermatitis? alternative treatment?
1- topical steriods and oral antihistamines

alternative: systemic corticosteroids and mast cell stabilizers
What are 6 ophthamalic findings with atopic dermatitis?
1- blepharitis
2- conjunctivis
4- cataract
5- keratoconus
6-GPC (in lower lid)
Where is GPC located in VKC?
upper lid
When is the onset of psoriasis?
15-30 years old
If the scale of the psoriasis plaque is removed and you see pin point bleeding--what is this called?
Auspitz sign
T or F: psoriasis of the eyelid can occur, but it is rare.
What is the treatment of choice for psoriasis?
Tazarotene + topical steroid
What does PUVA stand for--what is used for?
Psorlan + UVa

to treat psoriasis
What 3 things do you see with seborrheic dermatitis?
1- increased meibomian gland secretion
2- inflamed eyelide margins
3- oily skin
What 3 situations is seborrheic dermatitis most often seen with?
2- parkinsons
3- alcoholics
Seborrheic dermatitis occurs in mostly _____ (men/women)
How do you treat the scalp of seborrheic dermatitis?
1- selenium sulfide
2- tar preps
What are 5 characteristics of Rosecea?
1- patchy erythema
2- teleangietectasia
2- small papules
5- hypertrophic sebacesous glands
Rhinophyma (in rosecea) occurs in ______.
men only
What 2 organisms cause rosecea?
H. pylori
D. folliculorum
Persistent redness of the central face is common in ____.
The guidelines for diganosing rosecea must include _______ primary features and ____- a secondary feature.
1 or more primary and may include a secondary
List some primary features of roscea?
1- flushing
2- nontransient erythema
3- papules/pustules
4- teleangiectasia