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This contains the Senate and the House of Representatives. Another name for this is the Legislative Branch.
How long is a term of the House of Representatives?
2 years
How long is a term of the Senate?
6 years
How many members are there in the House and the Senate?
House: 435

Senate: 100
What are the qualifications of the House?
25 yrs. old

Legal resident of the U.S. for 7 yrs.
What are the qualifications of the Senate?
30 yrs. old

9 years of American citizenship
How long is a term of Congress?
2 years
This is the term for one who is already in office and is running for re-election.
This is the term for the rejection of a bill.
What is a bill?
A proposed law
This is the term for one whom a member of Congress has been elected to represent.
What is a filibuster?
A method of defeating a bill in the Senate by stalling the legislative process and preventing a vote.
How many Republicans and Democrats are in the House and the Senate?
House: 231 Republicans, 201 Democrats

Senate: 55 Republicans, 44 Democrats
What are some stances of a Liberal?
High taxes for the rich, more social programs for the poor, spend more on the environment, against school prayer, more restrictions on guns, pro choice
What are some stances of a Conservative?
Low taxes, less social programs for the poor, spend less on the environment, in favor of school prayer, less restrictions on guns, pro life
This is the term for a special meeting in Congress to resolve a problem.
This is the term for a committee of the House and the Senate that usually acts as a study group.
Joint Committee
This word refers to a group within a standing committee that specialises in a subcategory of its standing commitee's responsibility
This is a temporary committee formed to study one issue.
Select Committee
This term refers to a temprary joint commitee set up when the House and Senate have passed different versions of the same bill.
Conference Committee
What is a rules committee?
A legislative commitee responsible for expiditing the passage of bills.
Who are the Senate majority and minority leaders?
Majority: Bill Frist

Minority: Harry Reid
Who are the Senate majority and minority whips?
Majority: Mitch McConnell

Minority: Richard D.
Who is the Speaker of the House?
Dennis Hastert
Who are the House majority and minority leaders?
Majority: John Boehener

Minority: Nancy Pelosi
Who is the pro-temore of the Senate?
Ted Stevens
Where do most bills originate?
Executive Branch
What percentage of bills become laws?
Less than 10%.
What can the president do when he gets a bill
Veto, pocket veto, approve, do nothing
How can Congress override a veto?
2/3 majority vote in both cambers of Congress.
What are expressed powers and implied powers?
Expressed powers are written.

Implied powers are...well...implied
Which case involved the concept of "one person, one vote" (each district must have equal population)
Weberry vs. Sanders
Who bases thir vote on the issue?
Who bases their vote on their constituents?
Who bases their vote on their party's views
Who combines all of the concepts of trustees, delegates, and partisans?
What is the elastic clause?
Gives Congress the right to make all laws "necessary and proper" to carry out the powers expressed in the other clauses
What is the word describing a representative of an interest group?
What is it called when a new district lines are drawn after reapportionment?
What word desccribes the practive of the political party with the majority in a state legislature drawing a district's boundaries to gain and advantage in an election?