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what is the role of the legislative branch?
create laws
how many votes are required to pass a law?
what is the legislative branch called?
what are the two houses called
house of representitives and senate
how long is a term of congress?
6 yrs.
what are some congressional priveliges?
-cannot be arrested while going to congress
-cannot be sued for saying things in congress
-cannot be arrested while in congress
how maany reps. are in the house of rep.?
what are the three requirements to become a rep.?
-25 yrs. old
-U.S citizen for 7 yrs.
-Must live in state that they are elected in
how many senators are there and how many are chosen from each stste?
how many senators are up for reelection every 2 yrs.?
33, or 1/3rd of the senate
who leads senate?
vice president
who is the leader when the vice president is not at senate?
president pro tempre(temporary president)
What is the house of rep.'s job in impeachment?
accuse the official
what is the senate's role in impeachment?
be the jury, try the official
State 4 powers of congress
collect taxes, borrow money, regulate interstate trade, establish u.s citizen rules, issue money, punish counterfiting, grant patents and copyrights, create courts, punish piracy, declare war, aise army, make army rules, call state troops into u.s service,organize and are state troops, govern district of columbia, make laws for carrying out all of their powers
what is the elastic cause
gives congress the power to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper to carry out its responsiblities
define enumerated powers and give an example
Written Powers
EX:Declare war
define implied powers and give an example
written, but not in full detail, obvious details left out.
EX:Establish post offices and post roads
define inherent powers and give an example
Unwritten powers that are necessary to run a government
EX:Foreign Affairs