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a principle where the government must respect all of a persons legal rights instead of just one?
due process
The right to refuse E.C.T and psychosurgery may only be denied by whom and why?
court order for those pts whom the court finds incapable of giving informed consent.
Under what circumstances can patients rights be denied?
1. is it of any benefit
2. to prevent behavior r/t to the right
How do you get a denial of right approved?
an order by a physician or psychologist required.
What must a denial or rights order include?
Good cause statement:
1. specific right injurious to pt
2. specific right seriously violates rights of others
3. facility suffer serious damage
4. no less restrictive way of preventing 1,2,,3
after an order for denial of rights is written how soon should it be reviewed?
withing 30days
72 hr hold or 5150, to be held involuntary the law requires what 3 reasons?
what persons can be authorized to "upon probable cause" place persons in designated tx facilities for up to 72 hr hold for psych eval and treatment?
1.peace officers
2.directly authorized by county
3.designated members of mobile crisis teams
4.designated members of the attending staff of designated tx facilities
What should be included in a 72hr hold application?
1.criteria for hold
2.facts on which the hold was based
3.length of time the hold will last
4.right to a hearing if >72hrs
if a pt is held on 72 hr hold they may be placed on a 14 day hold (5250)if ? meets criteria for involuntary tx has been advised of need for but is unable or unwilling to accept vol tx.
in order for a 14 day hold to valid the hold must be signed by?
2.licensed psychologist(5ys post grad exp in M.H
3.individual designated by med.director of hospital
What is probable cause hearing?
where does it take place?
pts rights advocate interviews the pt and presents the case on behalf of the pt.
withing 7 days of start of 14 dy hold
takes place in hospital with court rep
right to a speedy trial?
who can request a writ?
writ hearing
any patient on a 14 day certification, a second 14 for suicidal behavior, 30day hold for intensive tx of GD or temp cons
At the end of the 14 day hold the patient must be one of the following?
3.addtl 14 day hold for suicidal pt
4.addtl 30 day hold for intensive tx for GD
5.temp/full LPS consv on a 180day post certification for imminently dangerous
if a pt is on 14 day hold DTS, and at end of hold remains suicidal or involuntary what is the procedure?
place on a second 14 day hold for suicidal persons
1.what is the option for GD?
2.if pt is chronic/permanently GD?
3.if pt disability is temp?
1.intensive tx or conservatorship
3.addtl 30 days of tx
individuals who are chronically mentally ill and in need of psychiatric tx that they are unable or unwilling to accept may be placed on ?
LPS conservatorship
lanterman-petris short
LPS conservatorship what is its purpose?
another individual make decisions for pt about psychiatric care & finances.
what does LPS conservatorship contract specify?
powers of the conservator
power to admit
power to make decisions on psychotropic meds
allows a patient to be retained in tx while an investigation for a permanent LPS consv is underway?
temp conservatorship
1.who is usually appointed t-con? long can it remain in effect?
1.member of public guardians office
2.until perm.LPS consv hearing is held
legal guardianship arrangements that allow designated people to manage the financial, living, and medical arrangements for someone who is not able to so for self?
Probate conservatorship
can an individual be admitted to a psych facility or given psych meds against their will ?
No it is based on probate conservatorship
which meds are considered by law antipsychotic medication?
MAO inhibitors
Anti depressants
anticonvulsants(as other)
can a voluntary pt refuse all meds?
Yes, except in a psych emergency
can a involuntary pt refuse meds?
Yes, except in a emergency or if a hearing has been held and the pt ruled incompetent to informed consent
Describe a psychiatric emergency?
1.sudden marked change in pts condition requiring prevention of serious bodily harm to self or others.
Refusal of medications
Riese hearing
hearing for minors ages 14-17
roger S hearing
1.if on 72hold and DTS at end of 72hold?
2.if on 72 hold and DTO at end of 72 hold?
3.if 72 hold and GD at end of 72 hold?
1.DTS 14 dys, if still dts second 14 day hold
2. DTO 14 days, if still DTO at end of 14 dy hold 180 days hold
3.GD 14 days, if temp GD need 30 day T-con, if permanently GD need 1 year conservatorship