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Inchoate offense
incomplete offence
an effort to accomplish a particular purpose
Overt act
a substantal step toward the completion of a crime
asking another to perform or aid in the commission of a crime
an agreement by two or more persons to accomplish a criminal act or to use unlawful means to complete a legal act.
a person commits stalking when he or she knowingly, in atlest 2 seperate occasions, follows another person or places the person under surveillance
taking of another's life. either murder or manslaughter
Murder (commonlaw)
requires malice aforethought
Manslaughter (commonlaw)
requires no malice
1st degree murder
must have premeditiation
felony murder
when a murder occures unintentionally as a result of an action during another felony
2nd degree murder
the unlawful killing of a person while in a state of depraved mind or heart
excusable homicide
an extreme form of self defence to murder in which the intended target kills the attacker.
justifiable homicide
occurs when a person carries out a death sentence by court order or other legal duties.
specific defence to homicide
heat of passion. used to show lack of reasonable care or in accadental killings.
Rape shield law
disallows the use of a victems prior sexual activities
child abuse
the physical or psychological endangerment of a child
False imprisonment
the forable holding of a person aginst their will.
forcibly abducting and taking a person to another area.
child snatching
a specific form of kidnapping preformed by a parent.
Hate crimes
offenses motivated by the bias aginst a person's race,sex,disability,ect.
the wrongful taking of anothers property with the intent to permanently deprive
False pretenses
the accused obtains wares by false pretenses and with the intent to cheat or defraud the other person
taking of anothers personal property, from another persons possession or presences by force or plaing the person in fear with intent to permantly deprive
breaking and entering of a dwelling or another during the nighttime with the intent to commit a felony therein
1)the willful and malicious 2)burning of a dwelling 3)of another
sexual intercourse between unmarried people
is the sexual intercourse between two people when atleast one is married to another person
a person who indulges in sexual activity for hire
indecent exposure
the willful exposure of one genitals to the public or to another person
person promotes or possesses with intent to promote any obscene material or produces, presents or directs performance in a portion thereof.
a person may not profanely curse and swear or use obscene language upon or near any public stucture, or do so in a disorderly manner
3)chance not skill
18th ammendment 1920
repealed prohibition
21st ammendment 1933
Public drunkenness
intoxicated from the voluntary use of intoxicating liquors while in public
Disorderly intoxication
has mostly replaced public intoxication. requres the person to be activly causing problems while intoxicated in public
driving while intoxicated (alchol only) Driving under the influence (alchol and drugs) Ariving with an unlawful blood alcohol level
actual possession
the item in question is either on or under direct control of the possessor
constructive possession
if the person how ownership, control, or dominion over the contraband itself OR over the premises in which it is concealed
drug court
a form of semi-house arrest for non-violent drug offenders. acts as an intervention program as well as a punishment
White collor crimes
crime in which a person of an upper socioeconomic status is more likly to commit. non-violent crimes.
Antitrust violations
price fixing, bid rigging
bid rigging
interfering with competitive bidding for award of a contract.
Mail fraud
a scheme devised or intended to defraud or obtain money or property by fraudulent means. th euse or causing to use the mail in futherence of the fraudulent scheme.
money laundering
disguising illegal income to make it appear legitimate
insider trading
using non-public information to trade securities without first disclosign that information to the public
making transactions in a customers account for the sole purpose of creating commissions for the broker
Racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO)
prohibits the infiltration of legitimate orginizations by racketeers where foreign or interstate commerce is affected.
Pattern of racketeering
requres proof of at least two acts of racketerring within ten years excluding time imprisoned (used in RICO)
Predicate acts
Any act that can be used to establish a pattern of racketeering