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A combination of processes in which materials of the earth's surface are loosened, dissolved or worn away, and transported from one place to another by natural agents
The addition of soils to water bodies by natural and human-related activities. Sedimentation decreases water quality and accelerates the aging process of lakes, rivers, and streams
An interacting population of individuals living in a specific area
The area on the project site that has been impacted by any development activity. Hardscape, access roads, parking lots, non-building facilities and building structure are all included
Development Footprint
The basic unit of nature that includes a community of organisms and their nonliving environment linked by biological, chemical, and physical process
An animal or plant species that is in danger of becoming extinct throughout all or a significant portion of its range due to harmful human activites or environmental factors
Endangered Species
An animal or plant species that is likely to become endangered within the forseeable future
Threatened Species
Plants that require saturated soils to survive as well as certain tree and other plant species that can tolerate prolonged wet soil conditions
Wetland Vegetation