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What is the purpose of Sustainable Sites?
promote responsible, innovative, and practical site design strategies that are sensitive to plants, wildlife and water and air quality.
Define SS Credit 1
LEED Certified Design and Construction. To reward environmentlly sensitive building design and construction, thereby enabling high-performance building operations to be achieved.
What are the 3 options for achieving SS Credit 1?
1) Show that the building has previously been certified under LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations. OR
2) Show tha the building has been previously certified under LEED for Schools. OR
3) Show that the building has previously been certified under LEED for Core & Shell Development AND at least 75% of the floor area has also been certified under LEED for Commercial Interiors.
If SS Credit 1 is achieved by using Option 3, what percentage of the building must be certified under LEED CI?
According to the Energy Information Administration in 2008, buildings in the United States were responsible for what percentage of CO2 emissions? Buildings consume what percentage of potable water in the US?
CO2 = 38%,
Potable Water = 13.6%
On average LEED buildings us how much less energy than conventional buildings?
What does SS Credit 2 focus on?
Hardscape Management Plan
What is the Intent of SS Credit 2?
To encourage environmentally sensitive building exterior and hardscape management practices that provide a clean, well-maintained and safe building exterior while supporting high performance building operations.
What are the requirements of SS Credit 2?
Employ an environmentally sensitive, low-impact building exterior and hardscape management plan that helps preserve surrounding ecological integrity.
What 5 areas must SS Credit 2 Address
1) Maintenance Equipment
2) Snow and ice removal
3) Cleaning of building exterior
4) Paints and sealants used on building exterior
5) Cleaning of sidewalks, pavement and other hardscape
What is the goal of SS Credit 2?
To reduce harmful chemical use, energy waste, water waste, air pollution, solid waste and/or chemical runoff (e.g., gasoline, oil, antifreeze, salts)
What are the related credits to SS Credit 2?
IEQ Credit 3.4 - Sustainable Cleaning Equipment
IEQ Credit 3.5 - Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control
IEQ Credit 3.6 - Indoor Integrated Pest Management
What is SS Credit 3?
Integrated Pest Management, Erosion Control, and Landscape Management Plan
What is the intent of SS Credit 3?
To preserve ecological integrity, enhance natural diversity and protect wildlife while supporting high-performance building operations and integration into the surrounding landscape.