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neurologic dz most often assoc'd with what dermatitis?
seborrheic dermatitis
strep pharyngitis then drop-like scaly eruption
guttae psoriasis (25% go on to have chronic psoriasis)
wickham's striae
lichen planus
if pt has 5 p's and wickham's striae, must also check what else?
check for viral hepatitis! (hep C--strong association)
when do sentinel node bx for melanoma?
if lesion is 1mm+ and no palpable nodes
only consistent prognostic predictors for melanoma?
depth and ulceration
recommended margins for melanoma excision
0.5cm--in situ; 1cm--1-2mm; 2cm-->2mm
target shaped lesions on hands most frequently caused by?
herpes virus infection
how often must check psych status of pt on isotretinoin
every month
herpes zoster Tzanck smear would show
(blue) multinucleated KERATINOCYTES
herald patch
pityriasis rosea
"christmas tree" distribution
pityriasis rosea
pt has h/o URI and "christmas tree" distribution of rash, must check what else?
RPR titer b/c can look like secondary syphilis (pityriasis rosea)
rash that is worse in humid weather
tinea versicolor
"rodent ulcer"
when is Mohs indicated for BCC?
if >2cm or in delicate area
most common cause of erythema nodosum
pt has erythematous tender nodules on shins and arthralgia
eryhtema nodosum
gun-metal colored border
pyoderma gangrenosum
what dermatitis is assoc'd with IBD, seronegative arthritides, myelogenous leukemia, and IgA monoclonal gammopahty?
pyoderma gangrenosum
ab pain, arthralgia, palpable purpura
think Henoch-Schonlein purpura and check urinalysis again to make sure kidney's ok
mutation assoc'd with hereditary melanoma and increased risk for pancreatic cancer