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what is the domain and kingdom of animals?
domain eukarya and kingdom animalia
are animals multicelled or unicelled?
are animals autotrophs or heterotrophs?
do animals have aerobic or anaerobic respiration?
aerobic-with oxygen
reproduce asexually or sexually?
both asexually and sexually
animals have stages of what?
stages of embryonic development; embryonic cells give rise to primary tissue layers called ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm, these tissue layers give rise to all tissues and organs of the body
what are the 3 types of body cavities?
coelum, pseudoel, and acoelomate
what is radial symmetry?
all body parts arranged regurarly around a central axis (like the spokes of a bike wheel) (see notes)
what is bilateral symmetry?
have a right and left side that are mirror images of each other (see notes)
when does cephilization first appear?
in platyhelminthis
when does bilateral symmtry first appear?
in platyhelminthis
where is the germ layers diploblastic?
what animals belong to phylum Porifera?
what animals belong to phylum Platyhelminthis?
planaria, flukes, and tapeworms
what animals belong to phyla Cnidaria?
hydra, jellyfish, man-of-war, sea anemone
how are flatworms transmitted?
through human contact with infected snails
how do you prevent transmission of flatworms?
break the life cycle, dispose of feces properly, put something in water to kill snails
what is the definitive host?
human host
what are signs, transmission and prevention for tapeworms in cats?
when proglottids mature, they crawl out the anus; are transmitted by the flea eating the egg, cat messes with the flea and eats it; prevent by using frontline and advantage