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largest organ
accounts for 7% of body weight
fixes itself
serves as protection
Layers of skin
has nerve cells and glands
deep in the dermis made of adipose tissue, insulation and heat loss
Functions of skin and hypodermis
Cushions and insulates deeper organs
protects body from bumps, scrapes, cuts, chemicals, heat and cold.
Mini - excretory system
screens out UV rays
Sensory receptorswith nerve endings
Deffinition of integumentary system
composed of skin, hair, nails, sweat, oil and mammary glands
Epidermis cell types
Stratified squamos epithelial cells
Merkel Cells/nerve endings
langerhans cells/immune system
What type of cells do you loose with you age
langerhans cells
most abundant in epidermis
from deepest layer
produce keratin - tough fibrous protein
Produce antibodies and enzymens for protection
dead cells at skins surface
Layers os Epidermis
Stratum Basale (stratum geminativum)
Stratum Spinosum
Stratum granulosum
straum lucidum (only thick skin)
stratum corneum
What is the inner most layer
Stratum Basale
Characteristics of stratum basale
deepest layer
attached to dermis
cells/keratinocytes divide
what type of cells are in the stratum basale
merkel cells - sensory nerve endings
melanocytes - pigment melanin
Characteristics of stratum spinosum (spiny Layer)
Spiny apperance by artifacts of hitological perp.
Tick bundles of tonofillaments (part of cytoskeleten) for support
star shaped langerhan cells
Stratum granulosum
keratinocytes and tonofilaments
Tonofilaments contain keratohyaline granules
& lamellated granules for waterproofing