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What are hypotheses for why body weight levels off after a lesion(Kennedy)
1) recovery function (another part of brain takes over
what did gordon kennedy believe was behind eating?
regulation of body fat: if need more fat, brain tells you what to eat...setpoint for body fat that is regulated
What's a critical component of the setpint theory
the brain had to have some way of monotoring body fat...adipose cell tells hypothalamus--hypothalamus then looks at how fat you should be (genes), and compares it to how fat you are.
What were kennedy's contributions (beliefs)?
1.No feeding or satiety centers in brain
2.Body weight (fat) is regulated

3.Eating behavior is controlled byphysiological mechanisms involved in the regulation of body weight.
Evidence supporting leptin
obese mice deficient in leptin (overeat, low metabolic rate)
inject leptin-stopped overeating and weight reduced, metabolic rate increased, weight normalized
AND leptin receptors found in the hypothalamus
What produced leptin?
adipose cells--leptin blood levels drop w/in hours of starvation (increase after eat)
Theories against leptin
doesnt work in humans...too variable..fat people and skinny people have it and deficiencies rare
Why doesn't the set-point theory and bilogical controls of eating wrong?
1) very permissive theory (cant change destiny)
2)if leptin isnt the messenger then is there feeback from fat?
3) cannot account for migration studies (people get fatter going from Japan to Hawaii and vice versa)
4) can't account for secular trend in obesity
What's the alternative to the set-point theory?
settling zone (certain range of environmental and genetic)