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delta weight =?
delta energy in - delta energy out
How do we quantify energy intake?
all substrates coming in are producing energy
what is a calorie
the amount of energy required to raise 1 cc of water 1 degree celsius
1 Kcal = ? joules
Describe how a bomb calorimeter works.
1. dried sample of food
2. fill it with pure O2 (want to burn everything)
3. spark it (blows up)
4. measure the rise of temperature in water
what are the calories of all carbs? proteins?
carbs 4.15 kcal/g
proteins 5.65 kcal/g
Why are alcoholics rarely fat?
b/c alcohol seen as a toxin and thus uses up energy for detoxification
2 ways of estimating energy expenditure
indirect and direct calorimetry
How does indirect calorimetry work?
note the amount of O2 going in and CO2 coming out--> calculate how much energy youre expending
What's RQ?
Respiratory Quotient.
CO2/O2 gives you CO2: O2 ratio.
when burning 1 mole of glucose (carb), its one. (1 mole of fat = .7)
What do we need to know to estimate energy expenditure?
1) amount of )2 consumed or CO2 expired
2) RQ
What's really being measured in indirect calorimetry?
really measuring ATP production
ATP production = ATP utilization
energy expended = energy produced
What are some problems with measuring energy expenditure?
1) can't measure for long periods of time (interferes with life)
2) not very natural
-use room for analysis
-restricts range of movements
What's so important about double-labeled H20?
isotopes of H and O in body..use radioactive label for H and O isotopes, and can calculate:
rate of Oxygen lost-rate of H lost
which equals Co2 you're spilling out. If we know RQ, we can calculate metabolic rate.
How is food quotient calculated?
from amt of carb, fat, protein, and alcohol in the diet.. estimate of RQ based on composition of diet.
In a graph of amt of label left vs. time, what would the difference b/w and active and inactive person be?
space in between two lines (oxygen and hydrogen) = amount of CO2 expired. so for an active person, the space is going to be bigger than an inactive person.