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What's the definition of family?
Families are defined by the continuing association (and typically residency) of grown offspring with one or both parents into adulthood.
Explain the idea of delayed dispursal (DD)
it typically entails an automatic cost of missed breeding opportunities but families develop when offspring that remain with their parents somehow compensate for this cost.
In regards to the Ecological Constraints Model of DD, what are proposed constraining factors for dispursing early in life?
1) shortage of high-quality breeding
2) a shortage of breeding partners
3) a low probability of reproductive success by inexperienced or unaided breeders.
What is the point of the Benefits-of-Philopatry Model of DD
ephasizes the advantages gained by offspring that remain socially affiliated with their parents on their natal territories.
What are some of the benefits associated with the Benefits-of-Philoparty Model?
1) enhanced survival afforded by living within the familial group
2)indirect fitness gains from helping parents or other close relatives
3) better opportunities to secure a high-quality breeding vacancy in the future
4) the chance to inherit the natal breeding spot itself
Discuss the 3 components of the General Economic Model of Family Formation
1) Delayed breeding occurs when the production of mature offspring exceeds the availability of acceptable opportunities for their independent reproduction
2) Under such circumstances, some offspring must wait until acceptable reprodcutive vacancies arise, and then compete to fill them
3) families form when such waiting is best done at home
What are the 2 predictions of the Economic Model of Family Formation?
1: Family groupings will be inherenty unstable! They will form and expand when there is a shortage of acceptable reproductive opportunities and diminish when there are open ones.

2: Families which control high quality resources will be more stable than those with lower quality resources.
Are families prevalent among vertebrates (birds & mammals)?
NO..only 3% of bird and mammal species live in families. extended families even MORE rare.