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If neither player is in ESS, then what are 4 different things to call this interaction?
mixture, genetic polymorphism, stable equlibrium, negatively frequency dependent
A's fitness ___ as it spreads. Same for B's
what is it called when both players are in ESS (2)?
1) positive frequency dependent fitness
2)unstable equilibrium
What happens to the frequency of A/B when both are in ESS?
When the frequency of one goes above the unstable equilibrium point, it goes to all of that letter.
Solve for stable equilibrium in this:
A against A: 1
A against B: 3
B against A: 3
B against B: 1
p = .5
what is P* in a mixed ESS?
its equal for all players
Explain how negative frequency dependency works in the hawk-dove game if C>V for playing hawk.
The more frequently Hawk is played in the population, the lower is the payoff for playing Hawk (relative to that of playing dove).