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What is altruism?
FUNCTIONAL LEVEL!! Unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others--> specifically one that benefits (increases fitness of)another individual (recipient) at some cost (fitness loss) to the altruist (actor)
What are 2 possible "solutions" to altruism? (define each)
1. Kin selection (r)
2. Reciprocity (in each act of reciprocity, an actor incurs some fitness cost and the recipient recieves some benefit--both eventually achieve a cumulative fitness gain)
What's the difference between direct fitness and indirect fitness?
Direct-(descendent kin)personally producing and rearing descendents (ie: grandparents-parents-daughter)

Indirect-(collateral kin: kin of the same generation)-brother, sister, cousin
What's the one type of reciprocity that is an evolutionary puzzle?
delayed b/e u need :
1. repeated interactions b/w the same individuals
2. decrimination against non reciprocators (cheaters)
What's your relatedness to:
1. a cousin
2. 1/2 sister
3. sister
4. aunt
1. 1/8
2. 1/4
3. 1/2
4. 1/4
how do you find inclusive fitness? ex: inclusive fitness of 2 aunts
add seperate relatednesses up:
1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2
What is the best hamilton's rule equation to use and how to you verbally approach it?
the sum of all rXb's > 0
"the altruist is related to _______'s offspring by ___."