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What is immunodeficiency?
All or part of the immune system fails to function
What is Gay-Related Immunodeficency and why is it called it?
It was the first name of AIDS, named cause it was first seen in gay couples.
Why was it later changed to AIDS?
Because they noticed it was being found in other couples not gay.
How did we eventually find out AIDS was a virus?
When filtered, it was the only thing fitting through.
Can scientists prove that HIV is the cause of AIDS?
According to evidence, in nearly every incident of AIDS, HIV has been found
Why is AIDS spreading in US?
Being unsafe
Why is AIDS spreading in Asia and Africa?
Too poor, lack of knowledge, increase in rape
Explain the pattern of AIDS ( picture )
Draw picture
Why cant we get a vaccine against HIV?
The high mutation rate
Where did HIV come from?
It mutated from an SIV virus found in chimpanzee's
How do we get new viruses?
What is a pathogen?
An agent that causes disease
What are the main factors that govern the spread of pathogens?
Keeping the sick host alive long enough for the next host to get it, population density and herd immunity, weather, and extent of travel.