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Summary:what is the substrate for the initial burst, anaerobic, and aerobic periods?
initial-creatine phosphate
anaerobic- carbs
aerobic-carbs till run out, then fats
What are the mechanisms of creatine?
1) increases intra-cellular creatine levels (in muscle cells)
2) increases inta-cellular water content (makes muscle look bigger
3) increase muscle growth (some from water)--increases training
There is no evidence that creatine prevents ____________ or ______
muscle damage or soreness
does eating a low carb diet deplete glycogen in muscles?
no! EXERCISE then load with complex carb diet.
What's the best source of heme-iron?
meat (non-heme iron = plants)
Which is more safe? ferrous or ferric acid? which one can be absorbed in intestinal lumen?
ferric safer, but ferrous can only be absorbed
What are factors that affect iron absorption?
1) acidity (+)- vinegar--increase availability of iron
2) meat, poultry, fish factor (+) converts ferric--> ferrous..add meat to salad
3) fiber (-) doesnt allow conversion
What does transferitin do?
carries iron from the feritin (protein) to blood. then goes to liver and liver stores transferitin as a protein (feritin) then its sent to bone marrow
What's EPO?
An illegal substance that will enhance performance by increasing the amount of hemoglobin
how is protoporphyrin used as an indicator of amount of iron in blood?
if protoporphyrin high, iron low
What happens if iron is low in body?
transferitin and ferritin less saturated--> increased absorption of iron
What percent of all women are anemic? do they respond to iron supplementation?