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Who is given credit for discovering the 'microbial world'?
Anton van Leeuwenhoek

- dutch draper, 1670s
Anton van Leeuwenhoek, who is given credit for discovering the 'microbial world', designed what?
a simple microscope
What did Anton van Leeuwenhoek see using his simple microscope?
'animalcules' (most likely protozoa) in rain water, scrapings from teeth, excrement, etc
What is the theory of Spontaneous Generation?
Living organisms can arise from non-living matter
What's the "evidence" behind the theory of spontaneous generation (living organisms can arise from non-living matter)?
- Maggots come from meat
- Mice arise from grain sacks, etc
Who was the guy who first disputed the theory of spontaneous generation?
Francesco Redi
What did Francesco Redi find while disputing the theory of spontaneous generation?
Maggots come from flies, not meat!
- open jar--maggots appear on meat
- covered jar--no maggots
What did Francesco Redi's experiment accomplish?
- renewed controversy over spontaneous generation
- Maybe big organisms not created by spontaneous generation
- but smaller microorganisms could be
What is Louis Pasteur known for using?
Swan-neck Flasks
What did Louis Pasteur accomplish?
Refuted spontaneous generation Once and for all. Put Sterile broth in a swan neck flask. time passes. air enters and microorganisms are trapped in neck, so no organisms appear
Did Pasteur prove the germ theory of disease (disease is caused by microorganisms)?
No. Robert Koch proved this
What is the germ theory of disease?
disease is caused by microorganisms
What is Louis Pasteur's claim to fame?
Developed immunization against rabies
Robert Koch, an East Prussian doctor, worked with?
Bacillus anthracis (anthrax)
Robert Kosh established Kosh's Postulate. What is it?
Kosh's Postulate is a way of relating specific organisms to specific diseases.
Besides establishing Koch's Postulates, Robert Koch also developed?
pure culture techniques using agar
What did Robert Koch win a nobel prize for?
work on tuberculosis
3 accomplishmets of Robert Koch
- established Koch's Postulate
- developed pure culture techniques using agar
- nobel prize for work on tuberculosis
What are some Modern Challenges of microbes?
- Antimicrobial resistance
- Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
- bioterrorism