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What was important about the 13th amendment?
abolished slavery
What was important about the Freedmen's Bureau
Run by army, eased transition from slavery to being free, established schools, distributed land for blacks, cases involving blacks would be held in military courts
What were the black codes?
make sure blacks remain 2nd class citizens, blacks couldnt own guns, cant testify against a white person in court. In mississippi blacks couldnt own farm land, denied certain trades in certain states
Radical Republicans
had extreme views, blacks = to whites, blacks have same rights as whites, south should be treaten harshly. Thaddeus Stevens, secession was succesful, congress in charge.
Thaddeus Stevens
speaker of H.O.R, 2nd most powerful in gov, burried in black cemetery and had black gf, leading spokesperson of radical view, argued that the south broke away from the Union
Civil Rights Act of 1866
defined citizenship, equal rights, along with the 14th amendment
14th amendment
defined citizenship, nullified confederate war debt, any south supporters couldnt vote or hold office, due process clause - equal protection
Military Reconstruction Act of 1867
South divided into 5 military districts, military law, military supervise elections + determined who could hold office, enforced ratification of 14th amendment, anyone 18+ can vote
Northern emigrants who participated in teh Republican gov of the Reconstuction South
Southern white Republicans who served in Recoonstruction govs
Ku Klux Klan
terrorized former slaves who voted and held political offices during reconstruction. peckerwoods
15th amendment
right to vote cant be denied on the basis or race or color or servitude.
Bourbon Redeemers
Southern white conservative upperclass white democrats. started in 1867. Acted as father figures to blacks, felt they were their responsibilty. hated by lowerclass whites
Jim Crow Laws
legal segregation in transportation, schools, retaurants, hotels, water fountains, restrooms.
plessy v fergeson
1896 - seperate is okay, but must be equal in seperation