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1 to go away
2 I'm going away. I go away.
[Yo] me voy.
3 You guys are leaving on the next train.
Ustedes se van en el próximo tren.
4 They are leaving tomorrow.
Ellos se van mañana.
5 They left. They went away.
Ellos se fueron.
6 They left the house.
Ellos se fueron de la casa.
7 to go to bed
irse a la cama. Acostarse.
8 I'm going to bed.
[Yo] me voy a la cama.
9 We're going to bed. We go to bed.
[Nosotros] nos vamos a la cama.
10 We're going to be now.
[Nosotros] nos vamos a ir a la cama ahora.
11 We're going to go to bed now.
[Nosotros] vamos a irnos a la cama ahora.
12 Are you going to bed soon? (familiar)
¿Vas a irte a la cama pronto?
13 They will go to bed at 9 o'clock.
Ellos se irán a la cama a las nueve.
14 They are going to bed at 9 o'clock.
Ellos van a irse a la cama a las nueve.
15 They went to bed an hour ago.
Ellos se fueron a la cama hace una hora.
16 to go to sleep. To fall asleep.
17 I am falling asleep. I fall asleep.
[Yo] me duermo.
18 I'm going to go to sleep.
[Yo] me voy a dormir.
19 She is going to go to sleep.
Ella se va a dormir.
20 She is falling asleep.
Ella se duerme.
21 We will fall asleep in a few minutes.
[Nosotros] nos dormiremos en pocos minutos.
22 to have fun
23 They are having fun.
Ellos se divierten.
24 Are you having fun? (familiar)
¿Te diviertes [tú]?
25 Are you guys having fun?
¿Se divierten ustedes?
26 He is having fun.
El se divierte.
27 We are having fun.
[Nosotros] nos divertimos.
28 Will you have fun tomorrow? (familiar)
¿Te divertirás [tú] mañana?
29 They will have fun at the park.
Ellos se divertirán en el parque.
30 to remain. To stay.
31 We want to stay at home.
Queremos quedarnos en casa.
32 We are going to stay in a four-star hotel.
Vamos a quedarnos en un hotel de cuatro estrellas.
33 They stayed at his house.
Ellos se quedaron en la casa de él.
34 We kept the blanket.
[Nosotros] nos quedamos con la cobija.
35 to wake up.
36 I woke up.
Me desperté.
37 You woke up. (familiar)
Te despertaste.
38 He woke up.
El se despertó.
39 We woke up.
Nos despertamos.
40 You woke up. (plural)
Ustedes se despertaron.
41 What time did they wake up?
¿A qué hora se despertaron ellos?
42 Tomorrow I will wake up at 7 A.M.
Mañana [yo] me despertaré a las siete de la mañana.
43 to fall down. To tumble.
44 Did you fall down the stairs? (familiar)
¿Te caíste por la escalera?
45 to become
46 They became professionals.
Ellos se hicieron profesionales.
47 to carry. To take away.
48 You are taking your suitcase, aren't you? (familiar)
Te llevas la maleta, ¿no?
49 You are taking the children, aren't you? (polite)
Se lleva a los niños, ¿no?
50 We are taking the suitcases with us.
Nos llevamos las maletas con nosotros.
51 We are taking the children with us.
Nos llevamos a los niños con nosotros.
52 I twisted my ankle.
Me torcí el tobillo.
53 I sprained my wrist.
Me astillé la muñeca.
54 I hurt my back.
Me lastimé la espalda.
55 Spanish has a group of verbs called "pronomial verbs" which are used the same as "reflexive" verbs but have no reflexive connotation or usage.
They simply exist and require reflexive construction in sentences. Pronomial verbs are usually verbs of movement or change.