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1 there was
2 I will say something. (78)
Diré algo.
3 They will tell it. (78)
Ellos lo dirán.
4 I will make a cake. (78)
Haré un pastel.
5 You will do the first one. (familiar) (78)
Harás el primero.
6 It will be sunny tomorrow. [L., It will make sun tomorrow.] (78)
Hará sol mañana.
7 I will be able to come. (78)
Podré venir.
8 We will be able to see. (78)
Podremos ver.
9 I will want to know. (78)
Querré saber.
10 Will you want to send the package? (polite) (78)
¿Querrá mandar el paquete?
11 I will know by tomorrow./Tomorrow I will know. (78)
Mañana sabré.
12 They will know soon. (78)
Ellos sabrán pronto.
13 I will leave at 9 o'clock. (78)
Saldré a las nueve.
14 The train will leave at 1 o'clock. (78)
El tren saldrá a la una.
15 I will come to your house. (polite) (78)
Vendré a su casa.
16 They will come next month. (78)
Ellos vendrán el mes próximo.
17 I will have to leave by half pas three. (78)
Tendré que salir para las tres y media.
18 Today is Sunday. (79)
Hoy es domingo.
19 Yesterday was Saturday. (79)
Ayer fue sábado.
20 Tomorrow will be Monday. (79)
Mañana será lunes.
21 The day after tomorrow will be Tuesday. (79)
Pasado mañana será martes.
22 The day before yesterday was Friday. (79)
Anteayer fue viernes.
23 I went to the movies last Wednesday. (79)
Fui al cine el miércoles pasado.
24 There was a big party Thursday night. (79)
Hubo una fiesta muy grande el jueves por la noche.
25 Tuesday, my grandfather will be here. (79)
El martes, mi abuelo estará aquí.
26 My grandmother went to the store on Monday. (79)
Mi abuela fue a la tienda el lunes.
27 My nephew is going to arrive this Saturday. (79)
Mi sobrino va a llegar este sábado.
28 If today is Wednesday, then tomorrow will be Thursday. (79)
Si hoy es miércoles, entonces mañana será jueves.
29 I go to church on Sundays. (79)
Voy a la iglesia los domingos.
30 My niece bought her tickets last Friday. (79)
Mi sobrina compró sus boletos el viernes pasado.
31 In January, I traveled to France. (80)
En enero, viajé a Francia.
32 The temperature was very cold in February. (80)
La temperatura estuvo muy fría en febrero.
33 March was very windy this year. [L., In March of this year it made much wind.] (80)
En marzo de este año hizo mucho viento.
34 In April, I drove from France to Germany. (80)
En abril, manejé desde Francia a Alemania.
35 In May, I took a boat to Sweden. (80)
En mayo tomé un barco a Suecia.
36 In June, I traveled by train to Norway. (80)
En junio, viajé en tren a Noruega.
37 The weather was great in July. (80)
El tiempo estuvo magnífico en julio.
38 But n August it rained a lot. (80)
Pero en agosto llovió mucho.
39 the cloud (80)
la nube
40 September was very cloudy. (80)
Septiembre estuvo muy nublado.
41 But then October was quite sunny. [L., But in October, there was much sun.] (80)
Pero en octubre hubo mucho sol.
42 It's going to rain again in November. (80)
Va a llover de nuevo en noviembre.
43 It's going to snow a lot in December. (80)
Va a nevar mucho en diciembre.
44 Weather: for things you can see? (80)
haber (había sol)
45 Weather: for everything you can't see? (80)
hacer (hacía calor)
46 There is….There are (61)
47 There was….There were (61)
48 There were several trains at the station. (61)
Había varios trenes en la estación.
49 There was a line of people at the post office. (61)
Había una cola en al oficina de correos.
50 Was there anyone at the house? (61)
¿Había alguien en la casa?
51 There were a lot of people in town. (61)
Había muchas personas en el pueblo.
52 There was a park near the old hotel. (61)
Había un parque cerca del hotel viejo.
53 There was a fire last week. (61)
Hubo un fuego la semana pasada.
54 Tomorrow there will be a party. (61)
Mañana habrá una fiesta.
55 there will be (61)
56 there was [e.g., last week] (61)
57 there was, there were [unspecified time frame] (61)
58 there is, there are (61)