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1.   I wanted breakfast. [L. I was wanting breakfast]
Yo quería desayuno.
2.   He wanted to sell his house. [L. He was wanting to sell his house.]
El quería vender su casa.
3.   We were wanting to buy something.
Nosotros queríamos comprar algo.
4.   I was eating breakfast with my wife.
Yo desayunaba con mi esposa.
5.   We were eating lunch at home./We used to eat lunch at home.
Almorzábamos en casa.
6.   He was buying a ticket.
El compraba un boleto.
7.   The train was leaving late./ The train used to leave late.
El tren salía atrasado.
8.   We were looking for a gift.
Buscábamos un regalo.
9.   You were closing the door. (familiar)
Tú cerrabas la puerta.
10.   They were renting a house./ They used to rent a house.
Ellos alquilaban una casa.
11.   They were learning French. (feminine)
Ellas aprendían francés.
12.   The weather was cold. [L. It was making cold.]
Hacía frío.
13.   Were you doing something? (polite)
¿Hacía usted algo?
14.   They wanted to live alone.
Ellos querían vivir solos.
15.   We wanted to buy ice cream.
Nosotros queríamos comprar helado.