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1.   I used to sell cars.
[Yo] vendía coches.
2.   You were selling your car. (familiar)
Tú vendías su coche.
3.   Did you used to sell clocks? (polite)
¿Vendía usted relojes?
4.   He was selling radios.
El vendía radios.
5.   We used to sell ice.
Nosotros vendíamos hielo.
6.   Were you selling all the books? (plural, fam., as in Spain)
¿Vendíais vosotros todos los libros?
7.   Did you guys used to sell furniture?
¿Vendían ustedes muebles?
8.   They used to sell clothes.
Ellos vendían ropas.
9.   I was living in Italy.
[Yo] vivía en Italia.
10.                     You used to live in England. (familiar)
Tú vivías en Inglaterra.
11.                     She was living in Switzerland.
Ella vivía en Suiza.
12.                     We were living in Africa.
Nosotros vivíamos en Africa.
13.                     Were you people living in South America? (familiar, as in Spain)
¿Vivíais vosotros en América del Sur?
14.                     They used to live in Europe.
Ellos vivían en Europa.
15.                     Conjugate "er" or "ir" in the imperfect tense.
Drop the "er" or "ir" from the infinitive form (ía) (ías) (ía) … (íamos) (íais) (ían)