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How do you call a sister of your mother or father?
an aunt
What is the plural form for "sheep"
Give the right preposition:

He arrived __ four o´clock.
If the time is 11.45, how do you say it?
It is quarter to twelve.
What is the plural form for the word: a child
what is the superlative form for "beautiful"
the most beautiful
how do you call a father of your wife?
a father-in-law
what is the opposite of north?
Make a question of the following sentence:

She liked the play.
Did she like the play?
Say the sentence in past simple: I write to you.
I wrote to you.
How do you call a mother of your wife/husband?
a mother-in-law
What preposition do you use with seasons?
In: In summer, In spring...
What is the opposite of "dirty"
Give as many words you can for a waterway or body of water
a river, a lake, an ocean, a pond, a pool, a plash
If you do not have enough money to buy something what expression in English could you use?
I can´t afford it.
If the time is 13.30, how do you say it?
It´s half past one.
what is the comparative form for "beautiful"
more beautiful
What is the opposite of "dark"
Name all the seasons of a year
Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn
What is the past simple form for the word: leave
What is the past simple form for "want"
Add the right preposition:

I learn English ___ Thursday.
Add the preposition:

The picture is hanging___the wall.
What is the opposite of "east"