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when to refer for esotropia
>3mo if not correcting
18 month old with gross motor delay but otherwise normal
Duchenne dystrophy, other X-linked MD. measure CPK.
appearance of suspected ADHD patient in office
calm and cooperative
criteria for ADHD dx
impairment prior to age 7
sx in more than one setting
significant impairment
differential of loss of milestones in toddler
lysosomal storge disease: coarse facies, HSmegaly
metachromatic leukodystorphy: hypotonia
normal verbal IQ, low performance IQ
learning disorder
acheivment tests
reading at 5th gr level
level of fxn for mild MR
live independantly, 4th gr ed.
common comorbid with learning disability
mild-profound MR in boy with autistic features. coarse face. Sister with learning disability
fragile X. Female carriers are variably affected unlike most Xlinked
number of repeats required for fragile X affected phenotype
school failure rate in ADHD
60% fail a grade. 3xs higher than nl.
multifactorial inheritance. not related to stress, not learned. whole word repitition, word prolongation
hereditary nephritis, sensorineural hearing loss
Alport S
sensorineural hearing loss, balance difficulties, retinitis pigmentosa
2 month old not fixating on objects or faces
refer to Ophtho.
9 month old rolls does not sit
gross motor delay
MR definition and classes
IQ<70, deficits in adaptive fxn in 2 areas, onset befor 18yrs.
70-55, 55-40, 40-25, <25
workup for MR
chromosomes and fragile X. Consider 22q11 if heart or dysmorphic features present
when to do inborn error workup for MR
if FTT, hypotonia, growth delay are present
next step when discrepency between total IQ and verbal IQ are present
suspicious for learning disability, do achievement tests to isolate area.
common ages for learning disability to present
age 7, 3rd grade (reading), junior high.