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How did Narcissus die?
He was gazing at himself in a pond and fell in and drowned?
Why does the Narcissus flower droop downward?
Because Narcissus the good died gazing downward at himself?
Who was Typhon?
The child of Tartarus and Gaea, a fire breathing, hurricane-spawning giant.
Who was Scylla?
Tartarus' daughter whom Hera transformed into a monster who sat on a rock between Italy and Sicily wrecking ships and eating sailors.
Who was the mother of Ourea, the mountains, Uranus, the sky and Pontus, the sea?
From whom did the Titans descend?
Uranus and Gaea.
Who was Pegasus?
the son of Poseidon and the Gorgon, Medusa.
How was Pegasus born?
Pegasus father Poseidon made love to Medusa. When another God cut of her head, Pegasus sprung from her severed neck.
What are harpies?
Half human half-bird creatures who were described as foul-smelling and perpetually hungry.
Which Titan presided over a golden age form humans?
Cronus, son of Gaea and Uranus