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We as Newman Students interact and mutually influence each other, we are said to be a
You and I are a _____group, several people who work together without a designated leader and are charged with accomplishing specific time-limited assignments.
Group & Team Process involves Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning/Re-forming, True or False
Team Forming is when a defined group cluster occurs with a Leader & Task, True or False
Storming is when the group begins to form or develop roles & responsibilities, True or False
Norming is when the group defines rules of behavior and develops a cohesiveness, True or False
Performing is when the group become focused on the task and agree on the basic purpose of the group, True or False
Adjoruning/Re-forming is when a new group is established and the old one goes away, True or False
What is the #1 thing that makes a good team member?
Open (honest & Integrity)
Nuts & Bolts of Team Relationship
#1 Productive, #2 Mutual Understanding, #3 Self Corrective
What makes a good team leader?
Confidence, focus on goal, collaborative climate, tech know how, Set priorities, Manager performance.
Team Building Involves these 3 Key things
Gathering Data, DX Strength & challenges, Holding retreat session
The informal rules of behavior shared and enforced by group members is known as the ______?
Behaviors that fit together into a unified whole and are characteristic of person in a given context are a ______?
List two types of roles
Task & Nurturing
What can we learn from Geese
Group Productivity, Cohesiveness
Guidelines for conducting a meeting always be
Prepared, Have Participation, Place Time, Members behavior
Nonspecific reactions that people have to demands from the environment that pose a threat
Relationships, Interdisciplinary difficulties, Communication & Role conflict are all what type of Factors related to stress
List Four Individual personal factors of stress
Deficiency Focusing, Necessitating, Low Skill Recognition & Role Conflict
I focus on the negative test score way more than a positive one. Is this Necessitating or Deficiency Focusing
Deficiency Focusing
Only RN should put in foley’s. To have a belief that only a certain person should complete a task i Low Skill Recognition, Role Conflict or Necessitating?
Which is more critical situation a nurse with Compassion Fatigue or Burnout
Compassion Fatigue
S/S of Compassion Fatigue are
Depression, Worthlessness, Feeling hopeless, nightmares, flash back, trouble sleeping, feeling estranged from group, violent thoughts.
True or False to Manage Stress you must do the following Recognize Stress in the Environment, Care for yourself and role definition must occur?
Emotional Refueling means to
take care of self
List Short Term ways to decrease stress
Bubble Bath, Exercise, Read, Music, Movie, Food, Massage, TV
Long Term List of ways to decrease stress
Sustain Self, Good Nutrition, Vitamins, Exercise, Sleep, Health Care, Therapy
A clinical rotation group is a group of individuals designate to temporarily or permanently manage an organizational task. This is a ______ group
An aggregate of individuals who interact and mutually influence each other
A Cluster of individuals designated temporarily or permanently by an organization to perform specified organizational tasks
Formal Group
This type of group evolves naturally from social interactions..what is a
Informal Group
Legitimate organizational entity that is focused on accomplishing a task in an organization
Real (command) groups
When several people work together, with or without a designated leader and are charged to accomplish a specific time limited assignment
Task Group
Real groups in which individuals must work cooperatively with each other in order to achieve some overarching goal….what is a
Related to Group & Team Processes an assembly of individuals into a well define cluster is
As a group develops and begins to form this is known as
This is the 3rd stage in the Group & Team Processes, the group defines it goals and rules of behavior
5th stage is when the group dissolves after achieving the objectives
Adjourning or Reforming
The #1 things that makes a good team is
A team relationship needs three components…List
#1 Productivity, Mutual Understanding, Self Corrective
What are some components that allow a team to work at its best
#1 Focused on Goal, #2 Collaborative Climate, #3Build Confidence, #4 Technical Know How, #5 Set Priorities, #6 Manager Performance.
Informal rules of behavior shared and enforced by group members
A set of expected behaviors that fit together into a unified whole and are characteristic of person in a given context
True or False the following are all apart of Team Building Gathering Data, Diagnosing Team Strengths, Holding semistructed retreats
Nurturing Roles facilitate
Encourager, Harmonizer, Compromiser, Gate-Keeper, Group Observer, Follower
Initiator-contributor facilitate
Information seeker, Information giver, opinion seeker, opinion giver, elaborator, coordinator, orienteer, evaluator critic, energizer, procedural tech, recorder.
This represents how well the group or team uses the resources available to achieve its goals and produce it services
The Attachment to the group and wish to retain membership in it
What are the Guidelines for Conducting a Meeting
Preparation, Participation, Place & Time, Member Behavior
Nonspecific reaction that people have to demands from the environment that pose a threat, chemical physical, body or tension are all types of
When I habitually focus on the negative at the expense of the positives it is called
Deficiency focusing
When I believe I am the only one who can take care of the Patients in MICU I am said to be
A nurse will little self confidence is said to have
Low Skill Recognition
Kramer discusses the stress that new RN experience as they shift from the student role to the practitioner role it is known as
Reality Shock
Role Conflict
is when a RN has the role of floor nurse and caring for PT as well as attending Management Meeting.
The perception that an individual has used up all available energy to perform the job and feels that he or she doesn’t have enough energy to complete the task
Today the term includes those involved in caring for others who are suffering from physical or emotional pain
Compassion Fatigue
Personal Managing Stress & Balancing life
Caring for yourself well balanced diet, exercising, sleep
Clarifying roles and attempting to integrate or tie together the various roles individuals play
role redefinition
Self care can be relaxation things such as
music, reading, socializing with friends
This Theory or approach to organizations focuses almost exclusively on the structure of the formal organization
Classical Theory
The hierarchy of authority and responsibility
Chain of Command
The Hawthorne effect explains that the relationship between people and productivity is enhanced by which
Special attention
Contingency theory best describes what
The current health care system
True or False There are multiple types of health care systems today?
Which theory is used in "Organizations that are made up of intertwined links and diversified choices that generate unanticipated consequences."
Chaos Theroy
What type of scenarios would be an example of shared governance on a nursing unit?
When RN CNA’s make their own schedule.
What the components of strategic planning
Vision Statement, Values, Mission Statement
A hospital organized into departments based on specialty (e.g., nursing, dietary, pharmacy, etc.). is what type of structure, Service or Functional
Achieving Magnet Hospital designation offers hospitals the following advantages
Improved Nursing recruitment, Rn who are independent decision makers, Greater client satisfaction
A group of nurses are selected by their collegues to plan an orientation program for new staff. What type of group is this Task, Formal , Informal, Command,
Influencing group process on a unit toward the attainment of organizational objectives is the direct responsibility of Staff, CEO, NSG Mngr
Nursing Manager
The health care team is moving a PT to another floor each individual is assigned a task. This is an example of what type of group task Informal, Divisible, Conjunctive, Disjunctive
Behavior such as not calling in sick, no tardiness, trading shifts, are all examples of what group characteristics Norm, Group Communication, Status, Role,
When a Nurse Manager wants to hold a meeting what is the first things she needs to do?
Awaking in the morning not feeling rested is a clear sign of stress true or false
When your nurse manager meets with you weekly to find how you are doing with time management, patient load, staff interaction and the role of nursing she is
Trying to measure your coping skills.
When an RN is exposed to stress for a long period of time what is the impact
Face exhaustion, and is more susceptible to illness
True or False a strategy for becoming more resilient is to become more self aware, managing time effectively, exercise and avoid high fat food
The staff nurse is caring for the client with total accountability and is in continual communication with the client, the family, the physicians, and other members of the health care team. This type of nursing delivery system is known as?
Total Patient Care
When would a critical pathway need to be revised?
When the variances show new trends
A nurse is considering employment at a long-term care facility that has a functional nursing delivery system. Knowing this, the nurse could expect that one RN will pass all the meds for all clients on the unit. True or False
This tool is utilized in the Planning of Care for a PT, it refers to expected outcomes and care strategies developed by the collaborative practice team…what is the ?
Critical Pathway or Care Map
An new RN is placed in a NICU the Charge States they run a differentiated practice what does this mean
this method maximizes nursing resources by focusing on the education, experience and competence of the RN.
The budgeted amounts have been set without regard to changes that may occur during the year. What type of budget is the manager preparing?
Fixed budget
A nurse manager is preparing the budget for the year. The budgeted amounts have been set without regard to changes that may occur during the year. What type of budget is the manager preparing?
The nurse manager needs to buy six new hospital beds for the unit. What type of budget will be used for this expenditure? Capital, Operational, Revenue
Capital Budget
Controlling Budgeting is when the nurse manager compares the actual results of the budget with the projected results of the budget. True or False
An expensive variable in salary budgets is overtime pay, which solution is the best? Refuse to pay over time, Use per diem workers, Reduce the number of beds
Use Per Diem Workers
A nurse manager is considering the variances of the budget. Fewer monies were spent than expected. What type of variance is this? Favorable or Unfavorable
A budget worksheet listing expenses items on a separate lines this is usually divided into salary and non salary expense is
Incremental Budget
What is the time table for the budgeting process 1-2 mo, 3-6 mo, 6-9 mo
3-6 months
True or False Revenue Budget represents the patient care income expected for the budget period
A budget that consist of salary and non-salary items is a
Expense Budget
This type of budget identifies physical renovations, new construction, new or replacement of equipment within a time period
Capital Budget
List a Managers Weekly responsibilities related to the budget
Examine Payroll – note overtime, validate overtime use.
List a Managers Month responsibilities related to the budget
Identify over and under budget amounts, Id reason for variance, Recognize incr/decr for next years budget
There are 4 important pieces of the Position Description they are
#1 Duties (responsibilities), #2 Task, #3 Personal Qualifications, #4 Competency
What is the purpose of recruitment
to generate a pool of qualified applicants
True or False Selection is to assess applicants skills, motivation and ability related to job
These are the key elements when preparing for an interview
Look for discrepancies, ask specific questions, build rapport, critically examine the resume