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When was joseph smith born?
December 23rd, 1805
First Vision
Spring 1820
When did the angel Moroni first visit?
September 21st, 1823
When did Joseph Smith finally receive the plates?
September 21st, 1827
When was the Aaronic Priesthood restored?
May 15th, 1829
When was the Church organized?
April 16th, 1830
Where was Joseph Smith born?
What river did Father Smith plant his crops near?
Connecticut River
Where did Joseph Smith have his leg operation?
West Lebanon, New Hampshire
Where were the Smith's living when they had 3 crop failures in a row?
Norwich, Vermont
Who founded Palmyra?
Jonathan Swift
What was Palmyra named before it had its name changed?
Swifts Landing
Who did father smith hire to bring the family back to Palmyra?
Caleb Howard
What township bordered Palmyra?
Where did the hills live?
Harmony, PA
Where are the Whitmers from?
Where was the largest branch?
Why was Aasel Smith significant?
He knew one of his descendants would revolutionize religion.
Why was Solomon Mack significant?
Was prone to accidents. Spent his life trying to be healed by Doctors and decided to pray. He saw a vision of a pillar of fire. "Solomon Mack's Narrative"
Who operated on Joseph's leg?
Nathan Smith
Which itinerant preacher preached on "Which Church should I join"? That influenced Joseph Smith?
George Lane
What was Isaac Hale's brother in law's name?
Nathaniel Lewis
What was Isaac's troublesome brother's name?
William Hale
Who did Martin Harris show the charcaters to in NY?
Charles Anthon and Samuel Mitchell
Who was the first person to take Joseph Smith to court?
Lucy Harris
Who is Joseph's number 1 scribe?
Oliver Cowdery
Where can you find the constitution of the Church?
D&C 20
Who was the first missionary?
Samuel Smith sold BofM's for 3 dollars a piece
Who were the 4 missionaries sent to the lamanites?
1.Oliver Cowdery
2. Parley P. Pratt
3. Peter Whitmer Jr.
4. Zyla Peterson
Who published the Book of Mormon?
EB Grandin
What happened to Joseph Smith between 1823-1827 while he waited to get the plates?
-Alvin dies
-gets married
-finds seer stone
-becomes a treasure hunter
-follies of youth
What types of places did Joseph Smith hide the BofM plates?
Barrel of Beans
Glass Box
A Hearth
What was a peeper and why where they converging?
They were people who believed in the occult to find treasure. They looked in stones, but the treasure was slippery. There were rumors that Cortez (and other spaniards)had buried a treasure.
What are the varying theories of the how the BofM came about?
-Spaulding Manuscript
-Epiliptic fits
-JS was a genius