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What are the 4 main objectives of the judicial component of the criminal justice system?
1) providing due process of the law.
2) rendering fair judgments
3) despensing just punishment, and
4) assuring victim's rights.
The California court system is based upon what system.
The federal system.
What specific courts make up the California court system.
The State courts are comprised of one State Supreme Court, lower trial courts, and higher courts called appellate courts.
Appellate courts are referred to as what?
Higher courts.
What is the function of the appellate courts?
To hear appeals from the lower trial courts.
What is the function of the lower courts?
To receive evidence and consider cases involving criminal activity or civil disputes.
What are the primary positions within the judicial system?
- judges
- prosecuting attorneys
- defense attorneys
What are a judge's responsibilities?
Administering justice in a fair and impartial manner by applying the facts of the law.
What is a prosecutors position/responsibility?
- prosecuting individuals accused of crimes
- protecting the rights and privileges of the public
Defense attorneys do what?
- defend the accused
- defend the rights and privileges of citizens
What is the function of the judicial process supposed to be in criminal cases?
to determine a defendant's guilt or innocence.
List 9 steps in judicial process for criminal proceeding.

hint: AARB PITS G.
1. Arrest
2. Arraignment
3. Right to bail
4. Bail
5. Preliminary Hearing
6. Indictment
7. Trial
8. Sentencing
9. Grand Jury
What is an indictment?
An indictment is an accusation in writing formally charging a person with a crime or public offense.
What is an arraignment?
A Legal procedure where the court informs defendants of:
- the nature of the charges against them
- their eligibility for bail, and,
- their constitutional rights to:
a) counsel at all stages of the judicial process
b) plead guilty or not guilty
C) a trial by court(judge) or by jury.
What is a preliminary hearing?
a screening procedure used in felony cases to determine
- if there is enough evidence
to hold a defendant for trial
What is another name for a body of a set number of citizens from within a county?
Grand Jury
A grand jury is sworn to receive complaints and accusations in criminal cases,
and to be responsible for determining if:
there is sufficient evidence to believe that an individual
- has committed a crime, and
- should be made to stand trial.