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undique - adv.
on all sides,
from all direction
"unDique" has a letter "D" in it reminding me of something in its English translation
statim - adv.
at once, immediately
"statim" reminds me of "sto, stare, steti, status" and has an opposite meaning
os, oris, n.
oral, orifice
itaque - conj.
"iTaque" has a letter "T" in it reminding me of something in its English translation.
autem - conj.
"AUtem" has a phonogram sound in it that reminds me of a phonogram sound in its English translation.
etiam - adv.
also, even
"EtiAm" has letters in it that remind me of the letters in its English translations.
tum - adv.
then, at that time
"Tum" begins with a letter reminding me of letters in its English translations.
jus, juris, n.
jury, just, injure
diu - adv.
for a long time
"diu" sounds like "see you" reminding me of its English translation.
fons, fontis, m. (i-stem)
fountain, spring, source
font, fount
Etiam capillus unus habet umbram.

--Publius Syrus
Even one hair has a shadow.

3rd Declension Neuter
--- -a
-is -um
-i -ibus
--- -a
-e -ibus