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When did duchy of warsaw exist?
How was the duchy of warsaw established? from where?
by napoleon from prussia
What treaty gained duchy of warsaw
treaty of tilsit
How did the duchy of warsaw end?
Napolean couldn't take russia so it went back and was split between prussia and russia.
What did duchy of warsaw turn into?
congress of poland
difference between kingdom of poland and congress of poland?
When was the kingdom of poland around?
What did kingdom of poland become a part of?
russian empire
how influencial was the kingdom of poland?
not really, it was more of a puppet state.
When was the november uprising?
What was the november uprising?
kingdom of poland uprising against russian empire
was the november uprising successful//.
who supported the november uprising
besidse poles, liths, belarus, and ukrainians liked it
When was chopin around?
Chopin significance
polish composer, part of great emigration
whats the great emigration
polish intellectuals leaving because of the november uprising
when was the january uprising
what was the january uprising?
polish uprising against russia because russia was drafting poles to fight for russia
was the january uprising successful?
Romould Traugu
polish general during january uprising that was killed
When was mickiewicz around?
Who was mickiewicz
polish poet and writer, major to polands nationalist voice towards uprisings and stuff.
What is the famous motto of polish soldiers?
For your freedom and ours
"Culture Struggle" refers to germany's relationship between secularism and trying to becom catholic
were german catholics oppressing others during the kulturkampf?
no idiot.
Who wrote Konrad Wallenrod and when
Mickiewicz in 1828
What made wallenrodism influential
because the story is set in the 14th century but it speaks to the events occuring in the 19th century against russians.
What did wallenrodism motivate?
november uprising
Jan Kollar Years of Influence and for who?
1793-1852 was a slovak writing for slovakian poor
Taras Shevchenko years of influence
Shevchenko's story
Ukranien poet born a serf left for a while to learn from elites and then came back and saw how bad it was. Spoke out against serfdom. Nickolas the first put him in jail.
Jonas Basanavicius benficial for what?
Major part of lithuanias national revival in late 19th early 20th. "patriarch of the nation"
Fenec Deak
Hungarian statesman in 19th century liberating serfs.
Poem by Kruetzwald about an estonian giant that fights enemies of the nation.
Lajos Kossuth
Hungarian 19th c. Freedom fighter. U.S. loves him for democratic thoughts.
Garlieb Merkel
Wrote about how shitty serfdom was and was from the baltics
Bear Slayer. Latvian epic. Also talks about christianity.
Tomas Masaryk
Advocate for Czech independence during WWI from Habsburg
Jan Matejko
Polish Painter of famous polish kings and battles (grunwald)
Mihaly munkacsy
hungarian painter of oppression
Sandor Petof
Hungarian poet and liberal revolutionary and nationalist. Independence from austria
Ludovit Stur
Leader of slovaks national revival in the 19th c.
compromise in 1867that created A-H empire
sokol movement that made gymnastics and theater popular in the a-h empire in the late 19th