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This computer prog can be used to schedule appt's, reminders?
This Computer prog can be used to track/record appt's, deadlines, statutes of limitation, and hearing and court dates?
Docket Control/Case Management
This is when discovery doc's are exchanged such as e-mails, files, pics, info are exchanged electronically?
Electronic Discovery
What is the percentage of electronically exchanged discovery is being done now?
95% of all doc's are now electronic
requires parties to meet about preserving info and electronically stored info by sending a preservation letter to the opposing party?
The FRCP-the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which refers any electronic data as "electronically stored info."
This is info stored electronically in files that may identify the origin, date, author and described as "data about data," that someone else may retrieve?
This software assists attorneys in organizing, storing, retrieving and summarizing/gathering info for litigation of a lawsuit?
Litiagation Support Software
What are Discovery Doc's?
1. Interrogatories
2. Req for Admission
3. Req for prod of doc's
4. Deps-oral testimony
5. Expert witness report
Why Litigation Support is useful?
Becus in a typical case, it is possible to have hundreds of doc's and electronically stored info in the file?
What popular web browsers are used to allow users to connect to the Internet/WWW?
Internet Explorer or FireFox
This the largest computer networks or "networks of networks" and this is an internet system which connects you to web pages?
Internet and World Wide Web.
These are ex. of search engines that compile databases from the Web to find info you request?
Google, bing
This is a website that contain posts, ads, knowledge and to share information?
Allow user to send/receive messages/mail electronically?
E-mail or Electronic mail
Sending Metadata in e-mail attachments is an ethical issue legal assistants should be concerned with? T or F?
What are some of the uses of the Internet in Legal Organizations?
1. Legal research
2. Online deps
3. Accessing court records/filing doc's electronically
What kind of legal info /legal search you can find on the WWW?
1. Statutes
2. Statute of limitations
3. court records
What two ex. of factual research you can search on the Internet?
1. Public records
2. Expert witnesses
3. Med-related info
What is the difference between Intranet and Extranet?
Intranet is an internal network for internal staff to use.

Extranet is an external web-based site that allows outside viewer/clients to access info about their case.
What kind of software can be used for e-mail?
Microsoft Outlook
1.What is junk mail called?

2. What is e-mail etiquette/or to consider?

2. Use confidentiality, be careful of when using "reply all" and be respectful, avoid e-mail errors.
What are the typical amount of days some legal organizations may retain some e-mail records based on the Jurisdiction?
90 or 180 days.
What are two ethical considerations you have to follow when e-mailing in a legal office?
1. E-mail errors
2. E-mail confidentiality
Name two fee-based legal research services?
WestLaw and Nexis
What is Natural Language when searching Westlaw?
A search technique that uses plain english in the form of a sentence/questions, without the need for complex connectors.
What are Terms and Connectors when researching?
Using "or" or "and" or /p or /s.
This is a Federal System that allows the public to access public records and court electronic records?
PACER-public access to court electronic records
This is software such as Powerpoint to allow user to create/prepare presentations for trial, exhibits?
Trial Presentation Software
What are some Courtroom presentation tips?
1. No bright/distracting colors
2. Use images, video, charts/graphs for evidence.

3. Have a back-up plan and rehearsr, keep it simple.
The act of sending email that falsely claims to be from a legitimate organization. This is usually combined with a threat or request for information: for example, that an account will close, a balance is due, or information is missing from an account
This is the Federal Case Management System?

Public Access to Court Electronic Records