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A branch of the U.S. Dept. of Justice that regulates the sale & use of drugs?
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Federal law giving authority to the DEA to regulate the sale/use of drugs?
Controlled Substances Act
To issue a medical prescription for a patient?
To deliver controlled substances in some type of bottle,box,or other container to a patient?
Name 4 vital statistics the government collects?
1. fetal deaths
2. live births
3. deaths
4. divorces
List 8 federal recommendations to follow in complete birth/death cert.?
1. Type/print entries legibly
2. use black ink only
3. Leave no entries blank
4. Avoid corrections/erasing
5. Don't use rubber stamps/or initials in place of signature.
6. verify spelling of names
7. Avoid abbreviations
8. Refer any state.
Who may legally file birth Certificates for newborns?
Hospitals or person in attendance of the birth.
Name 4 situations in which a death certificate must be completed by a medical examiner or coroner?
1. death is being investigated

2. Unknown cause of death
3. unexplained deaths
4. evidence needed
After a person's death, what does the attending physician nd to list in the medical portion of the death cert.?
1. Disease/injury of death
2. Date & time of death
3. place of death
4. if female; preg/non-pregnat
5. Whether or not autopsy was performed
List 5 physical/behavior clues of a victim of abuse?
1. Unexplained fractures
2. Repeated injuries
3. bite marks
4. unreasonable explanation of injuries
5. behavioral signs