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Numbers collected for the population of live births, deaths,fetal deaths, marriages, divorces by state/federal government?
Vital statistics
A postmortem exam. to determine the cause of death or to obtain evidence in a suspicious death?
A public official who investigates and holds inquest over those who die from unknown/violent causes?
A physician who investigates suspicious or unexplained deaths?
Medical examiner
A division of medicine that incorporates law and medicine and involves medical issues or medical proof at trial about malpractice,crimes and accidents?
To instill a drug into the body of a patient?
A federal law passed in 1986 that created a no-fault compensation program for citizens injured or killed by vaccines?
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.
Federal act that defines elder abuse,neglect and exploitation, but does not deal w/enforcement?
Amendments to the Older Americans Act
2001 federal law that provides fro the prosecution of anyone who causes death/injury of an unborn fetus?
Unborn Victims of Violence Act
A federal agency with DHHS that oversees drugs and must approve before they are released to public?