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Which Federal government agency deals with commpliance & implentation fo the National Identifier Standard?
Center for Medicare & Medicaid thru HHS
Patient complaints about privacy must be directed to which government agency?
Office of Civil Rights through HHS.
Which are examples of covered entities & must comply with HIPAA standards & Privacy Rule?
Hospitals, Nursing homes, pharmacies and health plans.
Name 3 reasons for why HIPAA?
1.Rising cost of healthcare/health insurance.
2.Healthcare billing became more complex.
3.Rising cost of medical malpractice.
This means to remove patient-identifying info. from PHI?
One of a patient's six rights mandated by HIPAA?
File a complaint
A valid reason to disclose protected health information?
This person evaluates,manages and reports on the security of a health provider's electronic data?
Security Officer
Providing only as much patient info. as needed for a request on to conduct health care business?
minimum necessary
Billing patients and filing insurance claims means?
Covered transactions