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Name the four C's of medical malpractice prevention?
1. Caring
2. Communication
3. Competence
4. Charting
List 4 types of documentation that should be included in patient's record?
1. What treatment was done.
2. When treatment was done.
3. Referrals to any doctors.
4. Missed appointments
5. Patient's refusal to follow doctor's advice.
6. Procedures & prescribed medications.
What type of defense is when one in which the defendent claims innocence?
What type of defense in which the accused is allowed to present factual evidence that the physician's neg. din not cause the patient's condition?
Affirmative defenses
What type of defense is when one in which the defendent claims that the patient contributed to his/her own injury?
This kind of liability ins. covers the practitioner/insured for claims made while the insurance is in effect?
Claims-made insurance
This type of Liability Ins. covers the insured for claims that arise during the time period when the Ins. was in effect, regardless of when the action took place?
Claims-incurred insurance.
This when a claims-made policy is discontinued it extends coverage for those dates that claims-made coverage was in effect?
Tail coverage
This supplement provides coverage covering prior acts not yet claimed?
Prior Acts coverage
A 3rd party is responsible for injury, therefor physicians cannot be held responsible for any negligence for injury?
Release of the tortfeasor