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Name some examples of the importance of studying medical laws & ethics?
1. Helps you function at the highest professional level & provide competent, compassionate health care.

2. Help you avoid legal issues.

3. To understand how legal & ethical issues affect patients.
What personal characteristics are common in succesful healthcare practitioners?
Courtesy, compassion and common sense.
What are some examples of medical Terminology that have led to increased legal and ethical dilemmas?
1. Who have rights to the couple's frozen embryos.

2. Should people who are brain dead be kept alive.

3. Patients with aids must fight to retain confidentiality.
Discuss the consumers role in today's medical setting from a legal/ethical standpoint?
Consumers will ask questions like how much will medical treatment cost, want complete info on their condition and who can best treat their condition?
How has the Internet influenced law & ethics in the U.S.?
The Internet can have misleading medical info. and prescriptions may be prescribed illegally.
List 3 areas wher health care Practioner can gain insight studying law & Ethics?
1. Helps them funtion at the highest professional level, providing competent, compassionate health care.

2. Help avoid legal entanglements.
Individual involved in the patients care. A committee formed of health care staff, family, clergy to review difficult issues?
Ethics Committee
Dishonest or deceitful practices in depriving or attempting to deprive another person's rights?
A rule of conduct of action prescribed/formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority;protects the public and causes a smooth function society?
A pledge for physicians developed by the Greek physician Hippocrates Circa 400 B.C.?
Hipporatic Oath.
Beliefs formed through the influence of family, culture and society?
Moral Values.
Name 5 bioethical issues of concern in today's society?
1. Stem cell research
2. Animal used for research
3. Is organs dehumanizing
4. Should individuals own rights to their own body cells
5. Should government regulate "genetic research"
A code prescribing correct behavior in specific situations like medical office?
This means prone to ingage in lawsuits?
A decision made by a court in a lawsuit in response to a motion that pleads there is no basis for a trial?
Summary Judgement.
Standard of behavior, developed as a result of one's concept of right & wrong?
What is often as the "3 C's"
most vital to the professional sucess of health care practioners?
1. Courtesy
2. Compassion
3. Common Sense
This means legally responsible?
Standard of behavior considedred good manners among members of a profession as they function in a society?
A case that serves as a model for future cases?
A system of principles intended to govern to behavior of those entrusted w/providing care to sick?
Code of Ethics.
A discipline dealing with the ethical implications of biological research methods & results especially in medicine?
Specialist who consult with physicians & other to help w/ difficult ethical decisions?
Medical ethicist/bioethicist
A code of "ethics" for members of the "American Med. Association written in 1847?
American Med. Association Principles.
Those who are trained to administer medical/health care to patients?
Health Care Practioners