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Extreme caution should be used when a user ______ in a spreadsheet?
Changes a cell's format
What statement is true about spreadsheet errors?
Errors in spreadsheet are common, occuring about 5% or more of the time.
A good way to protect a spreadsheet is to?
1.Password-protect it
2. Protect the cells.
Spreadsheets are USED ONLY in the following law office apps?

1. tax planning, prep, planning or 4. none of the above?
None of the above
What type of data can be entered into a spreadsheet?
1. text
2. values
3. formulas
All of the above!
This is an intersection between a row and a column- an individual little box that hold info such as values,formulas and text?
An area/box that extends down the page vertically?
An area/box that extends across the page horizontally?