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Vital statistics
numbers colected for the population of live births, deaths, marriages, divorces, induced termination of pregnancey and any changes in civil status that occurs during an individual's lifetime
law and medicine and ivolves medical issues or medical proof at trials having to do with malpractice, crimes and accidents
a postmortem examination to determine the cause of death or to obtain physiological evidence, as in the case of a suspicious death
a public official who investigate and holds inquests over those who die from unknown or violent causes
Medical examiner
a physician who investigates suspicious or unexplained deaths
to instill a drug into the body of a patient
national chidhood vaccine injury act
no-fault compensation program for citizens injured or killed by vaccines, alternative to suing vaccine manufacturers and providers
Child abuse preventiona nd treatment act
requiring physicians to report cases of child abuse and to rty to prevent future cases
Amendments to the older americans act
defines elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation but does not deal with enforcement
Food and drug administration (FDA)
a federal agency within the department of health and human services that oversees drug quality and standardization and must approve drugs before they are released for public use
Drug enforcement agency (dea)
regulatess the sale and use of drugs
Controlled substances act
giving authority to the drug enforcement agency to regulate the sale and use of drugs
to issue a medical prescritption for a patient
to deliver controlled substances in some type bottle, box, or other container to a patient