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4 Characteristics of Law
1. reasonable
2. for the common good
3. competent authority makes it
4. must be promulgated
Law is reasonable
it makes sense
law is for the common good
law will benefit the entire community
competant authority makes the law
those who are elected or who have been properly appointed would formulate the law
law must be promulgated
the law must be made known
4 kinds of law
1. natural law
2. divine law
3. civil law
4. church law
natural law
what humans can discover about others & their morals.

3 needs:
to preserve lfe
to develop as people
to share our life with others
divine law
the highest form of human law
eternal, univarsal, & objective

goes with church law
civil law
practical application of natural law for a community

not all good
church law
precepts & canon
practical application of divine law
6 holy days of obligation
1. solemnity of mary (1.1)
2. ascension (43 days after easter)
3. assumption (8.15)
4. all saints (11.1)
5. immaculate conception (12.8)
6. christmas (12.25)
the old law
decalogue, aka 10 commandments

hebrew scripture
new law
love God, neighbor, & self
selecting our goals & striving to attain them, power

not doing whatever we want
people that deny that individuals can make choices
two kinds of freedom
1. external
2. internal
external freedom
a person is free from factors that exist outside themselves that might restrict their freedom (ex. poverty, slavery)
internal freedom
a person is free from forces within themselves that could restrict their freedom (ex. addictions, fear)
4 limits to freedom
1. physical
2. intellectual
3. emotional
4. surroundings
physical limitation
a person can`t run fast or see
intellectual limitation
a person doesn`t have the mental capacity to do well in math
emotional limitation
fears could prevent or limit someone from making a decision
surrounding limitation
where a person lives, in poverty
7 obstacles to freedom
1. ignorance
2. inadvertence
3. duress
4. inordinate attachments
5. fear
6. habits
7. passions
lack of knowledge
a person isn't focused on action at hand
a person is limited in their decision-making because someone is limiting their freedom
inordinate attachments
excessive attachment to objects
a person is afraid of something
repeated actions
excessive desire for something
we are all accountable for our actions
goes with freedom
six precepts
1. you shall attend mass on sundays & holy days
2. confess sins once/year at least
3. receive holy communion once/year at least during easter season
4. keep holy the holy days of obligation
5. observe days of fasting & abstinance)
6. provide for material needs of church
what season begins the church year ?
immaculate conception
mary was conceived in anna's womb
solemnity of mary
aka mass of peace
jesus ascends into Heaven
mary assumed into Heaven
abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent, Good Friday, Ash Wed
Ash Wed & Good Fri - one meal
three t's
treasure - give money
time - volunteer
talent - use talents
4 steps of responsibility
belief, value, principle, law/norm
no Gods besides God
don't take God's name in vain
keep holy the lord's day
honor mom & dad
don`t kill
don`t commit adultery
don`t steal
don`t bear false witness
don`t covet neighbor`s wifey
don`t covet neighbor`s goods