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Carroll Doctrine
Allowing warrantless searches of automobiles
New York v. Belton
No limits on the scope of a search of a vehicle's passenger compartment
California v. Hodari
about the teen boys running from the cops and throwing crack away before caught by the officer
Chimel v. California
Limitation on scope (arrestee might grab)
Escobedo v. Illinois
Suspects have a right to a councel during police interrogations
Indianapolic v. Edmond
The Supreme Cout ruling that police checkpoints aimed at discovering drugs were in violation of the 4th amendment
Minnesota v. Dickerson
"Plain Feel" Doctrine
Mapp v. Ohio
Evidence obtained in violation of the 4th amendment must be excluded = exclusionay rule - Fruit of Posion Tree Doctrine
Terry v. Ohio
Must have reasonable grounds for searching a citizen
United States v. Ross
May search an entire vehicle including containers if there is probable cause